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Telegram is updated in iOS

Telegram has recently released an update for its iOS client (in addition to other platforms), in which it wants to continue to implement changes and developments to its platform and thus remain the most widely used alternative to other instant messaging champions such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This time what arrives are the content filters and a simplification of the groups, as well as other minor details.

From now on, Telegram groups are no longer divided into groups and supergroups . There is only one type of group… groups. The maximum limit for these groups is no longer 100,000 people but 200,000, and everyone can reserve a link name as long as they are public. Users can be members or administrators, each group can have several administrators and those administrators can have different powers between them.

Telegram is updated in iOS
Telegram is updated in iOS

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These administrators will also be able to filter the content that is published in these groups. This prevents stickers, animated GIFs, photos, videos or links from being published where an administrator does not want them to be. The previews and loading animations of these pictures and videos have been significantly improved.

And here’s something you might like: if you decide to delete the history of a private conversation or a group but regret it immediately after doing so, you have five seconds to reverse the deletion . A sort of Gmail ‘undo send’ applied to Telegram that is sure to save the lives of more than one person who has committed an accident. Oh, and contacts can now be sorted by various criteria.

You should have all these options by now if you upgrade your iOS Telegram clients to the latest version. New features should also be automatically reflected in Telegram for MacOS.

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