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Telegram is down. Here are some alternatives to keep in touch

Once again, the popular instant messaging application, Telegram , is probably no longer operational on a temporary basis. So it’s a good time to discover some alternatives.

Telegram is usually one of the most secure and stable applications but it is true that since the beginning of the Russian threats to the Durov platform, it has had several mishaps.

Telegram is down. Here are some alternatives to keep in touchTelegram is down. Here are some alternatives to keep in touch

Of course, it’s not the end of the world, but it is something annoying . Especially for users who use this instant messaging application as the only tool for contacting people they know.

Currently, if you visit the App Store looking for an instant messaging application, you’ll find several interesting options, some more familiar than others. The value of an application with this feature is the expansion of its users and our contacts. There’s no point in migrating to a new app if you don’t have other users to have a conversation with.

One of the most forgotten alternatives, but one that could certainly stand up to the most popular apps, is found in BlackBerry with its BBM app . One of the pioneers in instant messaging, but one that was late to expand to other mobile operating systems. A few weeks ago we recommended her to you to give her a second chance.

Instagram is also becoming a direct communication app between our friends as well as our followers. Although its focus is not on that, the truth is that more and more users are using it to keep in touch with their friends and followers on their own social network. Especially now that it incorporates multiple video calls.

Following the trail of Mark Zuckerberg’s companies, we have the opportunity to do the same with the Facebook app Messenger . An app dedicated exclusively to communicating with our friends. This app was criticized for not offering this mode directly integrated into the Facebook app, having to make a separate download.

Even so, it’s not the end of the world, where surely, within a reasonable period of time, Telegram will return to normal, but if you don’t want to use WhatsApp , these alternatives will surely be of interest to you and your contacts.

What instant messaging applications do you usually use besides WhatsApp?