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Telegram falls in Europe due to overheating of servers

Telegram has been down for more than half an hour in the vast majority of European countries, as reported by the company itself on its twitter account. This incident, which has been reported in the company’s official accounts , has been blamed on an overheating of the servers , which would leave the service unusable for a couple of hours.

As it is already a tradition, when something happens on WhatsApp or Telegram what we do is manifest our discomfort on Twitter, and that is why many people have started to report these errors that have been present in the instant messaging application for more than half an hour.

UPDATE 10:00 (GMT +1)

Telegram falls in Europe due to overheating of servers
Telegram falls in Europe due to overheating of servers

Telegram blames the failure in Russia and Europe on a blackout last night in Amsterdam that they would have already been dealing with, although the service has been down for many hours now.

The Telegram has had to respond to this in its Twitter account with a tweet where it clarifies that this problem affecting European users is due to an overheating of the servers . They also add that they would be working on solving this error and of course, that they are very sorry about it.

Many critics have already claimed that why use Telegram if you’re going to drop the same thing as WhatsApp, when many of us have argued that one of the advantages of this service is its stability. But this year, it has already had several crashes, something we don’t understand.

If we were on a very specific date such as Christmas, it is logical that the infrastructure would end up failing due to the large volume of data being transmitted. But today we’re talking about the failure has occurred at dawn, since it’s currently 2 am in Spain while I write this article. So, this overheating is not due to a server overload but to f internal infrastructure issues, which we hope will be solved, avoiding new bugs like the one we saw in March.

We’ll keep an eye out for when they finish fixing this problem and re-enabling the service for all users. Leave us in the comment box what you think about this new bug.

Thanks Xisco for the tip-off!

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