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Telegram does not give in to Russian pressure and is blocked

Russia has just ordered the immediate blocking of the popular instant messaging application Telegram , by not giving the country’s authorities the data to decode the messages between users.

This decision should not affect us, since the blocking is complete in Russia, where it is the most used application, surpassing even WhatsApp . They are currently based in Dubait.

Telegram does not give in to Russian pressure and is blockedTelegram does not give in to Russian pressure and is blocked

This instant messaging application, was born on August 14, 2013 with the purpose of providing a secure communication between its users. Something that Russia does not support and of which it has already fined the company of the brothers Pavel and Nikilai Durov about $14,000.

Telegram on iPhone

He himself Dúrov had to leave Russia because of strong pressure from the country’s security services, just one year after creating the application with his brother. From the beginning, Telegram warned that it would not share its users’ data with third parties or governments.

Just yesterday, the regulator Roskomnadzor warned of the possible blockage of the popular application immediately after the court decision, where it has indeed been complied with. This follows the fact that no representative of Telegram appeared at the hearing held this morning. So right now, in Russia it is not possible to use the most popular messaging application in the country.

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The blockade would be lifted the moment Telegram gave in to government requests, delivering the data to decode the communications of the more than 200 million users who use the popular application every day. Something Pavel Durov is not willing to do.

It is true that Telegram does not have the same volume of users as WhatsApp , but in Russia it is the main instant messaging application, where it is also growing in volume.