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Telefónica building in Madrid effectively under construction

What we said the other day about a possible presentation in Spain of the iPhone in a Telefonica building in Madrid, has all the signs of being true . But let’s walk on eggshells.

I do not know how long this building has been closed, but it is clear that the photographs taken this morning by our colleague Pumpkin show that the Telefónica building on the Gran Vía in Madrid is indeed under construction . Well, what a load of crap this one has given us.

Telefónica building in Madrid effectively under construction
Telefónica building in Madrid effectively under construction

Let’s center our view on one of the corners of this image you have at the beginning of the entry:

I don’t know for sure if that phrase already exists in Telefónica’s different advertising campaigns (although I’ve searched the literal chain in Google and found nothing), since it doesn’t directly indicate anything about the launch of Apple’s phone. You can give us some ideas: Prepare your senses: mainly, the touch . Experience? I see it quite clearly, the user experience provided by the iPhone and that very few other mobiles offer.

But as I said at the beginning, let’s be careful . Now we know for sure that the Telefonica Building is under construction , although we cannot say that it is in order to prepare the premises for the installation of an official Apple store ; or that it will be a few days before June 18th when the works will be finished (we will be attentive).

If yesterday my confidence about this launch was around 95%, with these images it is already at 98%. Let’s hope that this small percentage comes soon in the form of official statement .

A thousand thanks to Pumpkin for the photos! .

UPDATE: You can find the images at full resolution in the following links: