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Teenagers love Surface and go from Apple

It seems that the new generations are not very fond of the work of “being of” Apple since according to a recent statistic the youngest would maintain the opinion that the bitten apple “is no longer cool”. Instead they would be much more favourable towards the new generation of products due to the remodelled Windows operating system and the devices that have emerged under its coat, with the tablet Surface at the head. The information comes from data collected by Buzz Marketing Group, a company specializing in market research on the younger population.

Apple’s tremendous and undeniable success over the past few years has been due to a number of factors that may have begun to experience a more than considerable decline. Among them, it could be particularly important that it is beginning to be out of favour with younger consumers, one of the groups that is also more relevant in terms of generating trends, apart from representing one of the most numerous groups demographically, so that any change in their habits could be decisive.

Teenagers love Surface and go from Apple
Teenagers love Surface and go from Apple

That delicate balance of popularity can be a worrying double-edged sword. The famous phrase ” you used to be cool ” could start to apply to Apple, which precisely because it has become so popular, would start to lose popularity among many young people who want to stand out from the rest by differentiating themselves from the mainstream.

Among the data revealed by the report, we can also detect the growing interest in Android smartphones in general and Samsung in particular, the great rival of the iPhone. For teenagers, “Apple is done” (” Apple is done “) as explained by the company that carried out the study. Apple would have done a good job of attracting “Generation X” and older users but would not be as attractive to the “Millennium Generation” , those born around the year 2000, who would prefer Samsung and Surface.

This negative sentiment, of lack of identification with products designed in California and assembled in China with the bitten apple logo, would represent a negative impact on Apple’s sales and business figures in the short term but would be devastating in the long term as the demographics of the future would make that generation that would show so little interest in its products key to the market in a few years time.

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