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Teen Dies After Using an App to Locate Her Cell Phone

Applications for tracking the location of mobile devices such as Find My iPhone can be very useful in finding it if it’s lost or stolen. However, not everything always has a happy ending, like the tragic story that has come to light this week, which is that a teenager has been killed after using a tracking application to locate his lost smartphone and confront the three people who had it.

Several months ago we told you how to use the “Find My iPhone” feature to track a lost or stolen iPhone or iPad. Thanks to this feature many people have been able to recover their device with a happy ending , but this time the same thing didn’t happen.

Teen Dies After Using an App to Locate Her Cell Phone
Teen Dies After Using an App to Locate Her Cell Phone

Canadian police are currently investigating a crime against Jeremy Cook , an 18-year-old who was killed after using an application to track his missing smartphone. But surely he never would have imagined that such a tragic end would be found.

The young man was shot several times while trying to recover his lost cell phone

Jeremy Cook forgot his smartphone in a taxi last weekend in London, Ontario (southern Canada). When he noticed it, he decided to use an app to track its location so he could retrieve it.

Ken Steeves, head of the local police, said that Cook an application to know the exact location of his lost smartphone in order to go after it . It seems that the young man went to the place accompanied by another person, where they confronted three people in a car who had the mobile phone.

The tension was increasing and the car started to try to escape, but Cook in a last attempt to recover his smartphone grabbed the driver’s door . At this point one of the attackers shot him several times, killing the 18-year-old.

According to the reports, Cook had no connection to his attackers, and was not even aware that his phone had been stolen , since as we said before he left it behind in a taxi. Unfortunately, when he located his smartphone he met three men who finally shot him dead.

The car and the smartphone have been located

Both the young man’s car and phone have been located and they are now studying all the material generated by the security cameras to try to find out everything that happened. However, CultofMac says that the police are still looking for the killers of this young man , who they say are black and aged between 18 and 21.

On the other hand, Ken Steeves commented that nobody could predict everything that happened that day and warns that in case there is any possibility of violence it is best to contact the police to prevent something similar from happening again.

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