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TED, Tastemade and Young Hollywood, the new channels coming to Apple TV

El nuevo Apple TV podría integrar App Store y Siri. Nuestras súplicas parece han sido escuchadas

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TED, Tastemade and Young Hollywood, the new channels coming to Apple TV
TED, Tastemade and Young Hollywood, the new channels coming to Apple TV


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Apple TV has had in recent months an unusual movement regarding the release of channels, which will intensify with the arrival in April of HBO Now, the rumors that talk about the new Apple TV service and the expected renewal of Apple TV as a device.

But while this is happening, a few days ago Apple launched a new offer of channels for its set-top box, which initially were mentioned to be exclusive to the United States but today have begun their deployment in several regions of the world including Spain and Latin America.

There are four channels , TED, Tastemade, Young Hollywood and CNNgo, but this last one will remain as exclusive for the United States since it requires to have a cable account to be able to activate the content of the channel.

Regarding TED, here we will find the already classic talks about the future and trends that are currently a reference in the world thanks to projects and visions that have taken relevance over several years. The channel includes hundreds of free videos of these talks , covering all kinds of topics, even if we have an account in TED we can enable it to synchronize our content on the web and in the applications for iPhone and iPad.

On the other hand Tastemade arrives for all the lovers of the food and its preparation, where we will have diverse free programs focused on the culinary world and lifestyle . As with TED we also have an application for iPhone and iPad that will serve to complement the experience.

Finally, Young Hollywood comes to us, which is a channel focused on music, culture and lifestyle dedicated to teenagers with interviews and presentations, as well as film, fashion, sports and television programs. And also all the content is available for free.

In addition, Netflix has arrived in Australia and New Zealand , so in these regions of the world the channel has been enabled to enjoy the streaming content offered by this service.

These channels will appear automatically after our Apple TV restarts, so we won’t require any additional updates.

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