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Teclado Inalámbrico Apple con retroiluminación en Apple Store

Apple Wireless Keyboard

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Teclado Inalámbrico Apple con retroiluminación en Apple Store
Teclado Inalámbrico Apple con retroiluminación en Apple Store

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The Apple Wireless Keyboard has remained unchanged for more than eight years, which is quick to say. In all these years the only changes we’ve seen are that in 2009 it went from using three batteries to using two, and that the icons on the upper function keys have been updated as OS X evolved .

But we have not seen any changes in its design, functionalities or autonomy . However, after the evolution of the new MacBook’s keyboard, which now uses a butterfly design to improve key stability, the Apple Keyboard may also follow in its wake.

That’s how they found a wireless keyboard at the Apple Online Store in the Czech Republic that has changed its key layout. It now includes the backlight adjustment keys in the F5 and F6 slots, just like the ones on laptops . The Eject key also disappears to make way for the power key.

What we don’t know is if this simple change is to be able to control the backlit keyboard on laptops – quite absurd – for those of us who use laptops on the desktop with an external keyboard. It seems that the dream we’ve been asking for years is coming true: Apple presents a wireless desktop keyboard with backlighting. Now we should see how much the autonomy is affected, or if it uses more batteries or the new Bluetooth 4.0 that is more energy efficient.

If we start to think about it, since there are no more photos of that keyboard, we could even think about a USB connector for recharging. Has Apple chosen the USB-C to take advantage of it? We could also think about the new butterfly-shaped key layout .

So given this, it wouldn’t be surprising if in Apple’s quest to make everything wireless, the Apple Keyboard USB disappears . This could lead us to dream of an extended wireless keyboard also for those who are more office oriented and need a number pad to perform their functions.

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