Technology and how it can improve the lives of many

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Technology and how it can improve the lives of many
Technology and how it can improve the lives of many

When Apple launched the iPad most of us only saw a new device that we didn’t know how it would fit into our daily use (what if it’s like a netbook, what if it’s a big iPod Touch, what if it’s not successful,…) Over time the iPad has offered a lot, becoming a great tool for journalists, photographers, musicians, etc … but also for children with problems or difficulties.

Not long ago, the life of Shannon Des Roches’ son changed thanks to the iPad, a device that arrived thanks to a raffle. Shannon’s son is a child with autism problems whose Apple device allowed him to find a gadget with which he could play and learn despite his complicated situation.

As Shannon says in her blog, Squidalicious, the iPad arrived by chance thanks to a raffle. Her son, who had already shown interest in his iPod Touch but found it difficult to handle due to its size, found an ideal size device on the iPad to handle it comfortably and with which he was able to draw and write with more ease than he did with a pencil and paper .

But that’s not all. Apple incorporates several technologies that help users with problems or deficiencies, including Voice Over. Voice Over is present in both Mac OS X and iOS versions. Without a doubt, beyond the new releases, rumors, and other things, stories like these are what make one love this technological world.

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