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TeamViewer 10 for OS X, the remote control software for Mac is updated to the latest version

For work reasons I usually use TeamViewer daily for everything related to my work 1.0, being a multiplatform software and applications for both Android and iOS I can access any computer at any time and anywhere . This was one of the reasons to choose TeamViewer.

From the address of TeamViewer Spain contacted Apple to give us a trial license to use the new features of the recently released version. And during these weeks I have had the opportunity to test this new version thoroughly.

TeamViewer 10 for OS X, the remote control software for Mac is updated to the latest version
TeamViewer 10 for OS X, the remote control software for Mac is updated to the latest version

As a general rule, my primary use is the remote control of the different machines in my company that are scattered around different offices. But I have also had the opportunity to test the different functionalities such as whiteboards for remote control meetings.

TeamViewer 10 starts from a very important premise, performance

The first thing we notice when using TeamViewer 10 is the performance. Even if I have to connect from my office computer (or from home) to older machines with Windows XP , we notice a significant performance improvement in this new version.

When you work with older equipment you can see the improvement in application performance

As they explain, if you have a computer with multi-core processors , the improvement you will notice will be significant. It seems silly these days with the computers that are on the market right now. But I’m used to dealing with older computers, so the performance improvement is noticeable.

If we are making a video conference, we can transmit the audio in HD quality and thanks to the new “Management Console” we will see how the connection start times decrease significantly .

Let’s take advantage of new technologies

As you know, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. A computer that is only five years old can be considered old without being too strict. TeamViewer knows this and that’s why they have updated their software.

File sharing made easy with integrated cloud

For example, now we have support for 4K high definition (UHD) screens . If you need to connect to a computer with this type of display and your Mac is not capable of representing that resolution… Don’t despair, we have an intelligent scaling that will allow us to correctly display the remote screen.

We will also have direct access to cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or Dropbox . You no longer need to have a file that you want to physically pass on your computer, we can pass it directly through the cloud.

This is very useful when you have limited upload width on your computer, as you will really take advantage of the download width of the computer you are connected to remotely .

Improvements have also been included for Yosemite showing a better integration with the toolbar of the system. It will also now allow us more customization options when running in host mode or using the whiteboard in any environment.


This new version for OS X will allow us to choose what we want to show and what we don’t when we are in a video conference, so we can even hide applications that we are using.

The important thing is to communicate and TeamViewer has placed special emphasis on this

We have video calls with a simple “click” of the mouse, we can even create meetings between several users and all participate in them. We have tools such as the whiteboard to be able to display different drawings or ideas on it. We can even take notes in these meetings.

TeamViewer has improved video conferencing capabilities

These notes that we can take in-situ , while we are on a remote connection or video conference, will allow us to later remember what we have seen. For example, if we are connected to a remote computer that is malfunctioning, we can take notes of what we find.

We also have a history of all the connections we make (and access to these notes later) . We can also create regular conference groups. So, if we usually meet to talk to the same group of people, we can configure TeamViewer to start a video conference with all of them at once with a simple click of the mouse.

We can “close the doors” on such meetings by limiting access to them to whomever we want. TeamViewer has also created “white lists”. This allows you to define what kind of permissions each contact has when connecting to your team, and you can limit their roles or give them “carte blanche” to do what they want.

Licensing and support for third-party applications

TeamViewer has improved its development Api’s. If you are a developer and try to implement TeamViewer in some software or mobile application, you are given the tools to do so.

TeamViewer is free of charge for private use

TeamViewer is free of charge for private use. If you only use it on your computer for video conferencing with other people with TeamViewer installed or to control your home computer remotely, it won’t cost you anything.

But you are a company with a high management of equipment, you have three modes of annual payment. Business, Premium and Corporate, with a price of 499, 998 and 1990 euros respectively.

Depending on the mode chosen, we will have more functionalities and channels (to have several people working with the same account. In this link you have a detailed explanation of all the features included in each option.

We are definitely looking at a new version with many changes that is worth taking into account.

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