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Taking advantage of the App Store pull (unsuccessfully)

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Something similar already happened with the launch of the iTunes music store : When the record companies realized the impact and the reach it had, they realized that they should be on it. With the App Store something similar is happening: an official app repository that, is quietly sneaking into the pockets of each and every iPhone or iPod touch buyer. And it’s a succulent market.

Game distributors should be far-sighted and bet on the App Store: it is an excellent distribution model , which can benefit both sides… if things are done right. After seeing wonders on the iPhone like Kroll , Hero of Sparta or Guitar Rock Tour , one has some hope to see how the conversion of a franchise like Silent Hill could become a success as it has happened on other platforms.

Taking advantage of the App Store pull (unsuccessfully)
Taking advantage of the App Store pull (unsuccessfully)

But it’s all about intentions: Silent Hill – the Escape is a simple, boring and innocent game compared to what we all think it could have been by making the most of the iPhone. The approach is to go through a maze, killing some slow, repetitive and uncharismatic zombies, and to advance through the levels. There are no surprises, no “scares”, no desire to play another level.

There are things that are well done, such as the handling of the flashlight by means of the sensor system , or the reloading of the weapon in which we even have to hit the bullets into the chamber if we do not want to run out of ammunition in the middle of a combat. The control system is also correct, moving your finger around the screen will advance the map, which is very comfortable for you.

But it’s too obvious that Konami have preferred to position themselves on the App Store than to please the fans of the series: and it’s a pity, because the title looked good, but it has remained in a mediocre, boring and lifeless game , to which someone has given the title “Silent Hill” and a label with the price of 4.99 euro that, frankly, is not worth paying.

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