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Take perfect pictures using your iPhone’s flash

That our mobile phones have become objects capable of performing multiple functions of all kinds is not something that can be questioned today. Nor can it be doubted that many of these functions have displaced the use of objects that we previously considered essential , such as cameras, diaries, calendars, note-taking sheets, or a flashlight.

In the precise case of the cameras, these seem to have almost disappeared in favour of the cameras of our smartphones . Of course we are not talking about professional use, in which the cameras have their own space, since with respect to this professional use, there are clear differences between the photos that most high-end terminals are capable of taking with respect to the one taken by a professional photographer’s camera.

Take perfect pictures using your iPhone’s flash
Take perfect pictures using your iPhone’s flash

These differences can be based on various technical aspects of the camera, but there are others that depend directly on the photographer and his or her technique . Today we show you one of the photographer’s tricks that will make you use your iPhone’s flash in a different way, and that will make you get real professional photos.

This trick is quite simple . We only need an iPhone in addition to the one we already have to take the picture, although with another terminal it would also work almost as well, and an assistant or person to help us carry out the process correctly. The steps to be taken are the ones detailed below.

Ask a friend for help

The collaboration of another person is essential to execute this technique correctly . We have to ask our friend or assistant, with another iPhone, to stand in front of the lens of our camera, but to the side enough not to get in the picture. That will be the place from where he will have to focus on the person we want to photograph to illuminate him enough.

Use the flash

The next step of our assistant should be to activate the iPhone’s flashlight , and from the position we have detailed in the previous paragraph, focus it on the lens of our photograph. It is important to focus it from above and not from the front so that the illumination is correct.

Take the picture

When everything is ready, we must take the picture, clarifying that we should not use the flash for it , since the illumination that our assistant provides to our objective is more than enough. The result, that we can see it up to the right, is magnificent, and it will give to our photos a special, different and almost like the one that obtains a professional.

In short, we are only using with our iPhone a technique that has already been used for a long time by all kinds of photographers . If you know any tricks to improve the quality of the photos we take with our iPhones, or that directly make our photos look like they were taken by professional photographers, you can leave us a comment below.

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