Take notes with your iPhone and iPad using Siri

Our iPhone or iPad has a native application for taking notes , in addition to many others that we can find in the App Store, where doing so is particularly simple and easy, so if we need to capture some thought, quote, or something important we can do so quickly and without complications

It is also true that sometimes, whether due to lack of time, a need for faster note-taking or different circumstances, entering our iPhone, accessing the application, and taking written notes may not be useful or appropriate for our circumstances .

Take notes with your iPhone and iPad using Siri
Take notes with your iPhone and iPad using Siri

A faster and more effective way to take notes, without even having to access the main screen of your phone, is to use Siri to record them by voice, and therefore, save without even having to display the keypad , anything you want or need at any given time.

The steps for taking notes using Siri are as follows:

  • Press the Home button on your iPhone or iPad and activate Siri.
  • We say the words “Make a note.”
  • Siri will ask us what we want the note to say, to which we will answer what we want to write down.
  • When we have dictated the note, Siri will automatically save it in the Notes application.
  • Once we return to the home screen and access the Notes application, we will find our note.

Although this function of Siri , as well as others, could be developed by Apple in multiple aspects, something that seems to happen with the arrival of iOS 8, the truth is that to take notes not of great size or content in a very fast way, is the best option available , so without a doubt, it would be very useful to use it in situations where we do not have time to access the Notes application and write them manually.

We hope that this little tutorial has been of great help to you, and if you have any questions about how to use Siri to take your notes, ask us about it .

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