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Take advantage and download today’s best free apps

Like every day, today we offer you a wide selection of free apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that are on sale in the iOS App Store.

We’ve explored the Apple App Store to bring you the best promotions. However, we don’t know exactly when the offer will end, as these are free, limited-time apps , so take advantage and download them as soon as you can!


Take advantage and download today’s best free apps
Take advantage and download today’s best free apps

SpeedText is an application that will help you write quickly and manually. The content is displayed on the screen after 0.5 seconds, so you don’t need to constantly scroll. It has features such as line insertion, text deletion, screen rotation, list view, icon insertion, word search and Evernote integration.

Tap Cam – Filters and live effects

Tap Cam is one of the best free iPhone apps this week. It’s a photo-editing application that offers more than 50 filters and special effects in real time, that is, while you’re taking the picture. It features zoom, image stabilizer, auto-release delay and continuous shooting.


Cahoots! is a fun game in which you’ll have to work together with a number of different partners to get as many points as possible, while at the same time making sure you don’t give them so many points that they’ll beat you later, as the partners change every two to three.


Blue is an interesting application of minimalist weather information that will change its colors as the temperature changes. If it is hot, it will be red, if it is cold, blue, and if it is much colder, sky blue.


Finally, an application that is not free but has had a very interesting discount. Severed was the winner of the Apple Design Award in 2017 and was declared iPad game of the year in 2016. A game in which you control Sasha, a one-armed warrior with a living sword. Very colourful, very spooky, and very creative.

So much for our guide to free iPhone and iPad apps. Remember, the offer may end soon, so download it now.

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