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T-shirts for the Apple Watch

As we’ve been saying for a couple of days now, the Apple Watch is closer than ever, in fact, from next Friday you can book to pick it up either at the Apple Store or to receive it at home. For the former, those who want to pick it up from the Apple Store will find a slightly different atmosphere.

Because is Apple’s most personal device, and therefore will receive the most attention from the retail department . That is why, as we saw a few days ago, the Apple stores will have new shop windows with circular motifs, and employees will have new exclusive T-shirts for the event.

T-shirts for the Apple Watch
T-shirts for the Apple Watch

These T-shirts were leaked a few hours ago, and although they are nothing special, they deserve your special attention . They are completely black and unadorned except for the Apple logo, which is now much smaller on the top left of the shirt.

The fact that the T-shirts are so simple and black gives us a feeling of elegance typical of Apple and the Apple Watch . They have a classic cut and are made from 10% recycled material. On the other hand, during the next few days the employees will also receive some new polo shirts and other long-sleeved shirts. These are the two models that Apple distributes, possibly the design is identical: all black with a smaller than usual bitten apple.

Employees have received orders to start using these shirts from next Friday the 10th , which is when the Apple Watch will be launched. It remains to be seen if we will see them in all the Apple stores around the world or only in the Apple stores where the Apple Watch will be launched.

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