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Synergy already has universal binary

Version 2.8 of Synergy has just been released. This application adds a minimalist interface in the menu bar for iTunes control, as well as numerous Growl notification possibilities about the music that is playing. In addition Synergy adds keyboard and mouse shortcuts to access playback options without having to access iTunes , even to rate the song that’s playing.

The presentation of the music is reminiscent of the presentation of video clips on television. A floating window with user-configurable transparency appears with the title, artist, name of the album, its cover, the rating of the album, for a time also configurable. The program also downloads the album cover of the song that is playing from the Internet. The application also includes controls that appear or not depending on whether iTunes is running, a drop-down menu with information on the last songs played, a submenu with the playlists (so we don’t have to access iTunes to play a particular list), the purchase in Amazon of the album whose song is playing, etc.

Synergy already has universal binary
Synergy already has universal binary

Support for Intel-based Macs has been added since version 2.8. The cost of the application is 5 euros.

More information /wincent.comaproductssynergy-classic

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