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Sync your contacts between your Mac and your iPhone or iPod for free

MobileMe disappears, and with it comes contact and calendar synchronization, which is now possible with iCloud. But for those of you who have a device that can’t support iOS5, there’s another option – and it’s free.

One of the non-free services that Apple has offered for several years is MobileMe . This service allowed us to synchronize from our contacts or calendars to our email on all of our branded devices.

Sync your contacts between your Mac and your iPhone or iPod for free
Sync your contacts between your Mac and your iPhone or iPod for free


As we know, at present this service will be replaced by iCloud . The problem is that those devices that cannot be upgraded to iOS 5 will not be able to enjoy it .

In view of this, today I decided to give you a mini-tutorial on how we can use other services to synchronize our contacts between our Mac and our iPhoneiPod touch (also works with the iPad). In the following post , I’ll explain how we can do the same with calendars.

To do this, we will need :

  • One Mac (if you have several, you will also be synchronized between Macs).
  • An iPhone or iPod touch
  • A GMail account (we will use the GMail contacts as a “bridge”).

Good. Once we have everything, let’s proceed with the configuration . We will start with the Mac part .

In first place , we open the application Agenda and go to the menu Preferences .

Now the configuration window will open, and we will click on the tab Accounts . In it, select the option Synchronize with Google .

In the window that appears, we only have to fill in the data requested and accept the changes to have the configuration completed on the Mac side.

You will see that in the upper right area of the Mac screen has a new icon . Whenever you want to synchronize your calendar with your GMail account, just select the option that appears when you click on it.

Next we’re going to set up our iPhone or iPod (the screenshots may differ slightly from what you see on your device, as I’m using iOS5 beta 1).

First we select Settings , then Mail, contacts, calendars . Once inside, we have to click on Add account… and then Microsoft Exchange .

We fill in the data with the following:

  • Mail: (our GMail account)
  • Domain: left blank
  • User: the one we have in GMail
  • Password: whatever we have in GMail
  • Description: Contacts (you can put whatever you want)

We then select Next , and we’ll be asked for the server , where we’ll put: and click on again.

In the next window, we will activate the Contacts option .

Now we can go to our application Contacts on the iPhone or iPod, and after downloading (requires data connection, of course) we can view and edit them without any problem.

Oh yes, and think that you will not only be synchronizing contacts with your devices, but also with your GMail account! , so you’ll have them there when you need them

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