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SYC 2, an indispensable tool for Mac to manage downloads on your devices

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One of the main advantages of macOS is how well it integrates with third-party apps. This is largely due to the efforts of the developers to provide a good user experience. That’s why, if for macOS must leave an app that allows us to manage the download of content will not be any app, but will focus on providing not only a careful design but integrations with the rest of the ecosystem. This is the example of SYC 2, a new app that will show you how easy it is to manage downloads from YouTube and other providers on your iPhone or iPad.

SYC 2 is a new application recently released by the developers of Softorino, a studio that in the past has offered us delights like WALTR 2. And it’s precisely the same style that we find in SYC 2, which by the way, its full name is Softorino YouTube Converter 2.

SYC 2, an indispensable tool for Mac to manage downloads on your devices
SYC 2, an indispensable tool for Mac to manage downloads on your devices

Understanding the operation of SYC 2 is not complicated if we understand the design by phases. In it, content enters the software in one way and exits processed in another. SYC 2 has four phases:

  • Content capture: This is the first phase and in it we only have to look for the content we are interested in on Youtube, Soundcloud or the dozens of services it supports. We copy the URL and SYC 2 automatically detects it. If not, we can also search directly from the SYC 2 search bar.
  • Converting the content: The second phase once we have found what we want to download is to choose how we want that content. It can be video, audio or even a ringtone. We can also specify the resolution of the video or the format of the audio among other things.
  • Saving the content: The third phase corresponds to specifying where we are going to save what we are going to download. We can choose between the computer, iPhone, iPod or iTunes. If you just select the iPhone, it will be automatically saved in the Video or Music app.
  • Download and manage: The last phase is the one that starts the whole process, we press the button to download the content and the process will start.

Using SYC 2 is not complicated at all and although it allows us to do what other apps already do, including web services, it also allows us to do it automatically and visually. Finally, and perhaps the most important detail: it is very easy to transfer that content directly to other devices, automating and simplifying a task that with other apps could take us twice as long .

If you are interested in the application you can try it for free for a few days . After that, you can get the full license for less than 20 euros. It is an application that you will benefit from if you like to manage your own videos and music and not leave it in the hands of other services, if so, it is highly recommended.

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