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Swipe, when ideas move away from usefulness

For another week I’ve taken a walk on the Kickstarter website. As you know, thanks to this website, many very original projects have seen the light. As a rule, the ideas we find here usually surprise me positively, but this week it hasn’t happened that way. Have you ever thought that you need a cleaning mechanism for your iPhone screen? At least not me, but this is what Swipe offers us.

When I started this section, I never thought about the idea of talking about things, which in my opinion, have no use whatsoever. Normally, when I walk through the Kickstarter pages I can’t help but think that I would buy most of the things that appear there ; moreover, I get flattered when I see all those curious objects. But this time I didn’t, this time I ran into something that made me laugh a little, a laugh that was supported by the lack of support that Mr. Joe Adams is having. Anyway, I will tell you what this week’s object is about, not that any of you will want to buy one, or ten.

Swipe, when ideas move away from usefulness
Swipe, when ideas move away from usefulness

Swipe, a iPhone case including a screen cleaner . Let me make it clear, it’s not that I’m coming with a microfiber wipe to clean the screen; basically Joe Adams has come up with a huge, giant and ugly case , with a mechanism that, when slid, will clean the screen of our iPhone.

Let me get this straight this time, these people want me to destroy the wonderful design of the iPhone , in order to save me from using my T-shirt or a screen wipe, is that true? I mean, according to them it’s more profitable for me to pay $79 for an oversized lump in my pocket , than to clean the screen myself from time to time. The screen I remember has an oleophobic layer, which at least during the first months of the iPhone’s life helps a lot. I guess the only thing that can be noticed about this case is that it is also possible to attach it to any kind of tripod . This would make it special, if not because its price seems exorbitant to me , compared to the cheapness of a simple adapter.

Well, honestly, I don’t understand. It’s clear that variety doesn’t hurt anyone , in fact there are already 25 people who have given their money to this project. I simply invite you to look at the photos and videos, and when this happens, to contribute your opinion in the comments. It will be nice to know if I got off on the wrong foot today, or if Kickstarter is just full of not-so-great ideas as well.

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