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Swift Playgrounds for Mac now available for download

Knowing how to program soon will not be an option, but will be an obligation for all of us if we want to succeed in the world of work. Right now we have the possibility to download some applications to learn this subject from scratch. One of the most important is Swift Playgrounds which is owned by Apple that until now we could install on our iPhone or iPad. But since this week Apple has wanted to bring this application to macOS and its app store.

Learn to program without dying on the Swift attempt

If you want to learn the basics of swift to end up programming like a true professional, you should definitely install Swift Playgrounds. After trying it out for yourself you can say that you don’t need a programming base to be able to use this app, as it explains all the necessary topics from scratch. And don’t expect extensive texts full of technical jargon, but we’ll learn by having fun. There are different puzzles available that we will have to solve with the art of programming as well as investigate in a 3D interactive world, and this avoids us to end up entering fully to Xcode that undoubtedly can give much respect.

Swift Playgrounds for Mac now available for download
Swift Playgrounds for Mac now available for download

We must take into account that the Swift programming code is quite important since most of the applications we have in iOS and macOS are developed with this code. That’s why we will be learning in a fun way the tool of working of many in the future and also that used by programming professionals. That’s why this application will serve as a transition for us to start programming without being overwhelmed.

This is an application that at first glance may be thought to have been developed using Catalyst. Apple wanted to make it clear that this is not the case. At first, Swift Playgrounds was designed to be transferred to Mac.

From 12 to 102 years old, the recommended age to use this app

It is the children of the house who must learn the art of programming with more enthusiasm than others. With this application it is possible, and we have already seen in different Apple developer conferences how many children have made interesting apps with this code. Now they don’t need to be doing this kind of workshop on an iPhone or an iPad but they will be able to do it in a much more comfortable way on a Mac thanks to the migration of this application to the Mac App Store.

We hope that in the future more interesting features will be included in this tool. In the future it is possible that they will be finished adding more modules to this application that gives us a quite complete course of swift. When we get to the end, we can end up going to XCode and not die just entering it.

And you, are you going to download Swift Playgrounds on Mac? Leave your impressions in the comment box.

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