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Swift Playgrounds en App Store

Swift Playgrounds is a revolutionary app that teaches you how to program in a fun and enjoyable way. With “Learn to program” you will solve interactive puzzles that allow you to master the basics of programming and experiment with different challenges to explore a multitude of unique experiences.

To use Swift Playgrounds you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of programming, so it’s ideal for students who are starting to get interested in that world, whatever their age. You’ll learn to program with Swift, the programming language created by Apple and used by professionals to create many of today’s most popular apps. And because it’s designed to get the most out of the iPad and the iPadOS Software Development Kit, Swift Playgrounds offers an unprecedented learning experience.

Swift Playgrounds en App Store
Swift Playgrounds en App Store

Integrated lessons

– The Apple-designed lessons will guide you through the basics of programming by using code to solve the challenges presented.
– See how your code runs in an interactive 3D world that you can rotate with one finger or zoom in on for a closer look.

– Each animation introduces a new concept of high-level programming before launching you into the puzzles.

– Choose one of the three available animated characters to execute your code step by step.
– The glossary and integrated help pages inform you about the commands and structures available.

Explore and create

– The different challenges offer many new opportunities to show creativity, as you can play with the logic, music and sensors of the game, among other elements.

– The interactive code shows you the results instantly next to the text or in the live view.
– Each line of code is highlighted when executed.

– Use your photos and images in a play area to make it yours.
– Use the starting points to create your own play areas using graphics, graphics, tactile interactions or talking to the computer.
– Design your play areas and be surprised by your programming skills.
– Restore a page to start over or duplicate a document and rename it to send a copy to a family member.

Designed for use with fingers

– With QuickType suggestions, you can add several lines of code quickly without using a keyboard.

– Press and hold to select a command and move it to change the order of your code.

– Drag a key with your finger to lock a block of code into a loop or a condition.

– Drag common code snippets to copy them directly into your play area.
– Click on a colored box in your code to display a drop-down color picker.

– The programming keyboard has all the common Swift characters; just slide your finger to choose the alternate symbol for a key.

Swift code and real iOS

– Learn to program with Swift, the programming language used by professionals to create the thousands of apps available on the App Store.
– Access iPadOS frameworks, such as SpriteKit for 2D games, SceneKit for 3D graphics, UIKit and more
– The code has direct control over iPad technologies such as gyro, accelerometer, camera and touch interactions.
– Use Bluetooth APIs to write game areas that control robots and other real-world devices with the iPad.
– Apply every concept and skill you learn to the creation of real apps.


– Send your creations to your friends and family by Messages, Mail, AirDrop or other possibilities.
– Record a video while you program or run your creation and add your own narration.
– Broadcast a live programming session to the world with any ReplayKit-compatible streaming services app

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