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Sweet Factory Prime game becomes FREE for a limited time

Today we return with our selection of free applications and games, in this case we talk about Sweet Factory Prime . A game that is sure to get on our nerves as we try to keep up with candy making.

The operation of the game is simple, we have to test our reflexes when producing some sweets . To do this, we have to touch the right combination of the tubes containing the ingredients.

Sweet Factory Prime game becomes FREE for a limited timeSweet Factory Prime game becomes FREE for a limited time

Time plays against us, so if we are slow , the game will be over (and we might have been fired). But you can try as many times as you like, because the goal is to place as many orders as possible without making mistakes.

The game is adapted for the iPhone X , does not require integrated purchases and is also available for family sharing. So if a member of our group has not been able to download it for free, they will have a new opportunity thanks to us.

As usual, this type of game is designed to be played quickly at specific times, but Sweet Factory Prime goes a step further and may get on our nerves by checking out the pace at which the factory is working.

On March 23rd the game was updated including some improvements and fixing some problems. This is standard for a maintenance update. We’ve been testing it and the game has gone very smoothly.

Without a doubt, Sweet Factory Prime is a highly recommended game, especially now that it’s free for a limited time, although its official price, around 0.99 euros, is not excessive either. If you get the chance to try it out, you’ll probably be as hooked as we are.

Download this game for free

What did you think of Sweet Factory Prime? Were you able to download it for free for a limited time? What was your high score?