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Survey of iOS 6 map users suggests no problems

We will certainly remember the launch of the new iOS 6 Apple maps as a real disaster. Since their arrival to the market, there have been nothing but negative reviews of the product, but now that they have been with us for a few weeks they seem to have calmed down.

Mike Blumenthal, has conducted a survey using Google’s Consumer Surveys tool, to find out first-hand what users think. The survey has not received many responses (only 168), but it is an indication that people are not having as many problems as they seemed from the criticism and seems to confirm what is often said about bad comments outweighing good ones.

iOS 6 maps don’t disappoint as much as they seem

Survey of iOS 6 map users suggests no problems
Survey of iOS 6 map users suggests no problems

More than 50% of the respondents think that there are no problems with the application , while 23% think that it is a good enough product. No doubt surprising, considering the amount of criticism, insults and so on that have been poured on Apple for the launch of this product. Advocates of other platforms what do they want to ” put green ” to the competition? iOS users with very little patience? Everything can be…

Of the respondents to this survey, women have encountered more problems in finding locations on the new iOS 6 maps. On the other hand, inhabitants of large cities have fewer problems than inhabitants of rural areas or small cities (which is entirely logical, as data from large cities are often updated more frequently than those from less inhabited areas).

Only 8.8% of respondents say that the launch of Apple Maps has changed the likelihood of them buying an Apple product again . This is undoubtedly a figure that attracts attention, but it is not as high as might be expected. Still, it is surprising that such a high percentage of people (even though it is a really low control group, very few people), are willing to change their platform because of problems with an application. Problems that are likely to be solved over time.

In my personal case, Apple’s maps have worked pretty well for me so far. Of course you don’t find as many establishments as you did with Google Maps, but considering the years of advantage that Google maps have this is something totally normal. If we look for a route by address so far I haven’t found any kind of problem. What about you? How was the experience with the new Apple Maps?

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