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Super Mario Run will require a permanent internet connection


En Xataka
Just a few days before one of the most anticipated iOS game landscape titles finally goes on sale, Super Mario Run arrives with a small (and unpleasant) surprise . In an interview with Mashable, Shigeru Miyamoto-san (Nintendo) confirmed that the game will only work online , making it impossible to enjoy it offline in mid-air or in any other circumstances where you’re offline.

Super Mario Run will require a permanent internet connection
Super Mario Run will require a permanent internet connection

Miyamoto-san has confirmed that the decision to make Super Mario only work on iOS when the device has access to the Internet is primarily to prevent it from being hacked . This is a decision that will undoubtedly cause the game to lose a lot of points, especially for those who want to enjoy the title on their travels or on their way to work, since it is estimated that data consumption reaches 75 MB in one hour of use.

“From our perspective, software is a very important asset for us,” justifies Miyamoto-san as to why this controversial decision was made. However, the move wasn’t easy for Nintendo either, which even went so far as to consider leaving one of the modes (World Tour) playable offline. However, the decision was finally ruled out because it was very difficult to switch from an offline mode to a connected mode from within the game.

On the downside, the permanent internet connection offers another type of advantage for the user, such as synchronizing the progress of the game between various devices, and of course, saving the game on the servers. As you know, Super Mario Run will initially be free although there will be a charge per box (9.99 euros) to unlock all the levels.


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