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Super Mario Run logra récord in App Store

Super Mario Run was released last week, as Nintendo’s first real entry into the iOS game market. Today, Apple and Nintendo announced that the game has established a new App Store record with over 40 million downloads in four days. The game continues to rank number one in Top Free and Top Grossing on the App Store.

In a press release published on the Nintendo website, announced the App Store’s download log for the game’s launch.

Super Mario Run logra récord in App Store
Super Mario Run logra récord in App Store

Shigeru Miyamoto-san also says he was “pleased to offer a new Mario game” for mobile devices. The company doesn’t reveal how many of the 40 million downloads become paying customers.

Super Mario Run allows players to try out the first levels for free, by ordering a one-time purchase of 9.99 euros to unlock all available content. In total, the game offers 24 levels in six themed worlds.

In the game, players control Mario’s jump through the stages as the character runs automatically. The game can be played with one hand ; Tap to jump over platforms, avoid enemies and collect coins.

Not surprisingly, the game has been downloaded a lot; Apple has been featuring the game on the App Store and on the home page of

The reception to the game has been mixed; While many enjoy the nostalgia, some were disappointed by the ease with which the game appears or felt that there was not enough content to justify the precious 10 euros. The game was also criticised for its excessive Nintendo policy of requiring a constant Internet connection to play. Which side of the users are you on?

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