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Sunrise 1.8.3, the smallest browser is still evolving

Sunrise Browser is a very lightweight browser , made in Objective-C and free , it is without a doubt one of the fastest and least resource consuming browsers I have ever seen, for timely browsing, or checking our mail in Gmail, it is an excellent tool.

The good thing is that it is evolving and adding and improving aspects, one of the options that they like the most is to save certain tabs as small captures and thus have an assortment of favorites with the associated capture of the webs that reference. In addition, colour has been added to this favourites management and we can now colour-code our favourite websites by theme or select the size of these screenshots in the options.

Sunrise 1.8.3, the smallest browser is still evolving
Sunrise 1.8.3, the smallest browser is still evolving

It also allows to open the source code of any page in our favorite code editor , just by selecting it in the application options. Where we can also choose the behaviour of Sunrise when we open a new tab. Another of the browser’s outstanding options is the possibility of setting a page width , being able to select the widths of the different most common resolutions: 640, 800, 1024, 1280. Remember that Sunrise uses the same engine as Safari to render the pages.

Another advantage of Sunrise is the possibility of saving the web page we are visiting in PDF format , but in the version 1.8.3 that has been presented today they also allow to save a capture of the web page , allowing to personalize both the format of the image that is saved and the size of the capture, so it is a very versatile tool.

If you have never tried it and you are dedicated to the web design, it is not of more that you download this version from the link that I put next, also it is very recommended for old Macs to which the last version of the current browsers chokes a little to them, with Sunrise you will see that the resources that it asks for to you are rather scarce, you have in the superior capture the consumption that makes Sunrise right now of my machine, of course much below other programs.