Summer 2013 Mac Bundle, summer programme offer

Summer 2013 Mac Bundle

We are referring to Summer 2013 Mac Bundle , which includes ten applications and tools, as well as an interesting digital photography course (in English). The offer will be available for fourteen days, enough time to test the applications that allow it and decide.

Summer 2013 Mac Bundle, summer programme offer
Summer 2013 Mac Bundle, summer programme offer

The star application of the set is Parallels 8 , software with which we can have a virtual machine and run other operating systems without leaving OS X, and of which we talked about in this entry. The price of a Parallels 8 license is 69.99 euros, one price

which is already greater than the entire Bundle. If we wanted to get one, it’s going to be a golden opportunity.

The offering is completed with Snagit For Mac (screencast and capture software), Typinator (creating keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity), WinZip Mac Edition 2. 0 (the famous Zip file compressor), xPlan (project planning and control tool), Jump Desktop (allows control of a remote computer), Boom for Mac (increases the volume of the Mac and allows it to be equalized), Leap (helps us to be more orderly with our documents), Make Photos Pop w ColorStrokes (color effects on photos), as well as Digital Photography Course for Beginners.

The price of all the programs separately would be $482, while the price of the whole is only $49.99 . As I said, it’s a good opportunity to get some of the programs and have the bonus of a Parallels 8 license (although for me it would be the main incentive) and a digital photography course.

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