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Subv, Frontend de Subversion gratuito para Mac


Due to the demands of the script, I had to learn at a fast pace work techniques that I didn’t know and when developing a website with several people programming on it, it is essential to keep an exhaustive control of the changes that are made and who makes them. For this, Subversion is a real indispensable, and unfortunately for Mac there are not many options (which there are) to do these tasks of modification and creation of files.

Subv, Frontend de Subversion gratuito para Mac
Subv, Frontend de Subversion gratuito para Mac

Apart from the professional options that exist for this, like Coda to give an example, we have solutions from altruistic developers who put their knowledge and good work at the service of all. Subv is a Subversion Front-end developed by a Spanish programmer and is completely free , although if you find it useful you can always make a donation to its creator.

I don’t consider myself an expert in this type of program, but the first thing that surprised me about Subv is its ease of use. In a completely integrated way in the Mac desktop and with a few simple steps we can set up repositories either local or located in the cloud.

The program has the most common options. You can add or create repositories, add files to them that you have created locally or even folders to commit them later so that everyone working on that subversion repository can access and modify them.

There is a history where we can view all the changes that have been made to the files we choose and the information notes that have been added to those changes. In short, it is a free program that fulfills the functions it is supposed to. Thanks to Hector for showing us this tool and let’s hope he continues to develop such useful programs for Mac users.

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