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Substitute words for emojis very quickly in iOS 10 Messages

Apple seems to be willing to give war to apps like WhatsApp or Telegram and the best proof of this is that Mensajes is the application that has received the most news in iOS 10. The list of new features is quite long and in this article we want to talk about a very useful one: the automatic substitution of words by emojis .

Thanks to this new possibility offered by Messages in iOS 10, we can use the emojis in a much faster and more comfortable way . Instead of having to search for them on the keyboard, we can simply type the word and the iDevice will tell us which of those words have an emoji related to it and allow us to replace it with one or two touches on the screen.

Substitute words for emojis very quickly in iOS 10 MessagesSubstitute words for emojis very quickly in iOS 10 Messages

Maybe explained like this it sounds a little strange, but seeing the feature in action you will understand it much better.

1.- The first thing we must do is open Messages and start a conversation.

2.- Once the message is written we activate the emoji keyboard and we’ll see how some words change to orange. These are the ones that Messages considers to be related to some emoji.

We play over the words we want to change for an emoji (among the ones marked in orange). If the word is only associated with an emoji it will change directly (if we don’t want to use it, we can tap on the emoji and the word will appear again) and otherwise it will show us the related ones.

4 .- We select the one that interests us most and the word will automatically change to emoji.

It’s a pity that this feature is not available in all apps , but we hope that in time third party developers will be able to implement it. It’s a feature that can help us be much more agile with message writing if we’re regular emojis users.