Stylish protection for your Mac notebook

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No matter what Apple product we have, putting a housing on it is still something that makes its great exterior design shine. But, just like with an iPhone or iPad, sometimes our lifestyle doesn’t make it easy to protect it. And why not, there are also those who simply love it. Either for protection or because you like it, we show you a series of cases for your Mac laptops that you like. As well as cases that could be a good idea to give away this Christmas.

Rigid housings

Stylish protection for your Mac notebook
Stylish protection for your Mac notebook

If you visit the Apple Online Store, you’ll find a wide variety of hard cases for Apple notebooks. Manufacturers such as Speck and Incase have different models for every Mac notebook, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and all-in-one.

These hard cases are made of plastic that offers a different touch to the aesthetics of the Mac and protection against daily wear and tear and scratches. As well as dirt. With different colors the most typical is to find them made in smooth plastic although there are also models like the one of Incase that introduces a slight hammered texture.

I’m not a big fan of this type of accessory, but I did find a MaCally model for the MacBook Air online that I found interesting. AirFolio is a very minimalist case that when placed in the MacBook Air makes it look like an agenda or notebook. It’s ideal for those who want to keep it handy from top to bottom. Very elegant and I wouldn’t mind having it.

The price of this type of accessory is usually around 49 euros. So you should think carefully about whether you buy it to use or simply as a passing fad to add a touch of colour to the exterior of your Mac.

Second skin type covers

They’re nothing new, but I discovered this type of cover thanks to Tucano. They are cases in which we can put our laptop and be protected for transport . They don’t allow you to use it with the sleeve on and they don’t have any handles or straps to hang them on your shoulder. The idea behind this type of case, known as a second skin, is that you can carry it in your favourite rucksack or bag. Regardless of whether or not it is for a laptop and has the typical compartment.

It’s definitely the ideal choice and all my Mac laptops have had and still have a sleeve like this. In my case, I’m telling you, the Tucano Second Skin. But there are many more, again manufacturers like Incase have models. It’s just a matter of looking for the one you like best. With plain colours, in leather, prints, etc…

In short, different options to protect your Mac laptop while you go from one place to another. Now it’s up to you to choose the one you like best. And remember that at Apple we have analysed and reviewed others such as the Thule Molded EVA case or the Mujjo proposals.

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