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Stunt School Revolution, an unrealistic but entertaining game

One more week we return punctually with our section, and with the three-dimensional games. In Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution, we’ll have to drive a series of cars (most of them with the craziest modifications we can imagine) to overcome the challenge proposed in each level. All this is accompanied by impressive graphics and realistic physics, so come in and discover all that this free game has to offer!

And another Saturday we return with The Game of the Week, this time something different from what I’ve been bringing in the last installments of this section for the most gamers, leaving behind the two-dimensional movements and getting a little closer to reality: a three-dimensional world although with a goal and no realistic graphics. I’m talking about Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution .

Stunt School Revolution, an unrealistic but entertaining game
Stunt School Revolution, an unrealistic but entertaining game

In this BBC Worldwide LTD game, you have to drive several more cars than tuned in order to achieve the goal you set yourself in each challenge : jumping a certain distance, reaching a certain height and driving in zig-zag without destroying the vehicle are some of these challenges.

Graphic section and realism, two “impeccable” points

As usual in any game of this type, the graphics have a “impressive” detail, adapted (at least) to the Retina screen that bring the latest devices of the bitten apple brand (just missing!).

In addition, the game has its strong point apart from the ironic and incredible graphics (the incredible means that it seems incredible that they are from the era of 3GS) in the great realism . The shadows of the cars correspond to reality (if we make a 180-degree turn, the shadow changes sides, but it is still a darker square), the physics of the game (such as hits and impacts on landing) are very well recreated, very faithful to the reality of our planet.

Scenic realism and car characteristics

As for the different scenarios in which the action takes place, I must say that they are undoubtedly landscapes that exist in real life: Sydney’s opera, aircraft carriers, the Grand Canyon of Colorado…

The characteristics of the cars, without a doubt, are of the most sounding : we will find normal and ordinary, simple, or even sports cars, but… what happens when the tuning reaches unsuspected extremes? Reactor turbines, hang gliders, wings, propellers in the purest style hovercraft … all of them, among many others, are elements that we will have to know how to combine correctly (and activate at the right moment) in order to successfully overcome the challenges that will be presented to us.


Without a doubt a good game to have a good time, which also brings the extra of having a certain skill when choosing (in cases where it is possible) the extras for our vehicle.

A game that is entertaining even if it does leave us stranded in one of its levels, but nothing that a few tries and a few laps of the level can’t fix.

If you haven’t noticed the irony, however, the graphics leave a lot to be desired.

Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution (Gratis)

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