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Storage, iCloud and fast loading: the Applesfera Talks

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Storage, iCloud and fast loading: the Applesfera Talks
Storage, iCloud and fast loading: the Applesfera Talks


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In this new episode of the Apple Talks , we talk about storage – how it has changed historically since the release of the first iPhone, and the evolution towards iCloud. As we discussed in the video, the photo on the original iPhone wasn’t important – Jobs went through that feature almost on tiptoe in a device that had a lot more surprises to offer. However, over the years, with the advent of social networking and improved camera optics, mobile photography is a hot spot today. That has also changed where we store images, from storage on our device, to the cloud. Apple offers iCloud that has been evolving offering very interesting plans to never lose a photo again.

Fast loading is another point we discuss in the video: Apple is finally starting to include it in the latest models, and in this talk we discuss all the possibilities and combinations to be able to use it with the latest products on sale. Without a doubt, this is a possibility that will be enhanced in future launches.

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