Steve Wozniak Likes the New iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina

Steve Wozniak thinks “the new iPads are cool”

The other day we mentioned that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, had said that the new iPads were not for him and that he was not impressed at all. Today, however, Woz wants to rectify these alleged statements in an interview with Gina Smith, the author who is writing his memoirs.

No doubt, Steve’s words were quite serious since, in addition to being the co-founder of the company, he is a fan of Apple, although it seems that they had been misinterpreted.

Steve Wozniak Likes the New iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina
Steve Wozniak Likes the New iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina

He has been seen many times in the company’s stores and has even queued up to buy some of the new products. Specifically, he said that he expected more from the iPad, especially in terms of capacity . He would have bought an iPad Air 256GB without hesitation and thus be able to carry all his data with him, as his internet connection is quite slow.

However, we don’t know if, recommended by Apple or, by motu propio , it didn’t take long to rectify and clarify that it had all been a terrible misunderstanding.

In an email sent to the author of her memoirs, ” iWOZ: How I Invented the Personal Computer and Had Fun Doing It “, Wozniak clarifies that:

Wozniak expected more storage capacity, but he still finds the new iPads a good upgrade

Furthermore, he charges the English reporters with ” the worst in transcribing what I say “. It seems that was simply saying that he was not going to buy the new iPad Air , as the model he had was enough for him:

As they say on iPhone Hacks, it’s always funny to hear Wozniak. Despite being a genius, he behaves like a normal person . Personally, I was very pleased that he wanted to carry all the chapters of The Big Bang Theory on his iPad, stating that the reason was that his Internet connection was very slow. We always believe that in Spain we have the worst Internet access services, with minimum speeds, and we don’t know that in some places in the USA this also happens.

Do you think the same as Steve Wozniak? Do you need more capacity in your iPad or is it enough with the existing models?

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