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Steve Jobs talks openly about Flash on the Apple website

So far most of the comments Apple has made about Flash have always been informal and many of those comments have been of the type “I’ve been told that…”, “I’ve heard that…”. Apple

On the very cover of the company’s American website we can read a document called “Thoughts on Flash” where Steve Jobs, on behalf of Apple, clarifies point by point the elections of the last few months.

Steve Jobs talks openly about Flash on the Apple website
Steve Jobs talks openly about Flash on the Apple website

The document requires intensive reading but I cannot pass up the opportunity to comment on some of its most interesting points.

Steve Jobs is undoubtedly a great CEO and makes it clear in the first paragraphs of this letter where he makes it clear that Adobe and Apple have been great “friends” for quite some time and although the two companies stopped working closely some time ago they both have a great relationship. To highlight an interesting fact:

Having made the necessary preparations, it’s time to bring the beasts to the fore and show them that their decision is a wise one.

  • First point: Flash is a closed system

Let me point out at this point Steve Jobs’ sincerity. He himself acknowledges that Apple also uses closed technologies and defends the use of them within a device but not on the web. In Steve Jobs’ words, the web should be an open service that doesn’t depend on third parties, nor on plugins.

And now it’s not that it’s an Apple fan thing or not, but I think you’re absolutely right about this point. The Internet should be something completely open to any person and device regardless of its features and Flash only limits that “freedom”.

  • Second point: the video on the web

It seems clear that this point has been settled for a long time, most services have already made the leap and offer almost all their content accessible from non-Flash computers.

  • Third point: reliability, safety and performance.
  • Fourth point: battery life

  • Fifth point: “touch” technology

Interestingly, Aitor referred to this point some time ago and most users commented that this was not true and that it really wasn’t that complicated to adapt any website to the “fingers”. It seems that Aitor is not the only one who thinks this way.

  • Sixth point: the most important reason

At this point there is not much more to see or translate, Steve Jobs makes it clear that the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are Apple devices and therefore have every right to control all aspects surrounding the terminal to offer, always according to them, a better experience for users and developers.

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var attributes = {};

swfobject.embedSWF(‘http:/blip.tvplay’, ‘videoPlayer’, ‘504’, ‘340’, ‘9.0.0’,”, null, params, attributes);

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