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Steve Jobs, honored with the President’s Award

Back in October of last year, Steve Jobs was leaving us. With him went one of the most innovative minds of this century, a charismatic leader and a somewhat difficult boss to manage. Months after receiving a posthumous Grammy, Cupertino’s chamber of commerce reminded him this weekend by awarding him the president’s prize, and presenting the award to Apple spokesman Michael Foulkes.

The Chamber of Commerce of Cupertino has posthumously honored Steve Jobs with the President’s Award . All this happened last weekend, at a banquet in which Apple’s spokesman, Michael Foulkes, was in charge of collecting the award, and he was a bit excited after watching a video in homage to Apple’s co-founder, which combined photos and a video of his last performance in front of the council.

Steve Jobs, honored with the President’s AwardSteve Jobs, honored with the President’s Award

After the acknowledgements, the Apple spokesman commented that Steve Jobs hated awards, especially those directed at him . Despite this, he had a few words to remind and thank everyone for their presence.

Michael Foulkes concluded by talking about the Apple Campus 2, in whose design Steve participated, and will be built on the campus that Apple bought from HP in Cupertino. This gem of engineering is, according to Foulkes, something Jobs sought to make happen to enhance Apple’s legacy.