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Steve Jobs’ biographer believes Apple is not the most innovative company

“Apple is no longer the most innovative company” , so says Walter Isaacson author of Steve Jobs’ best known bibliography.

Walter Isaacson, biographer of Steve Jobs, does not believe Apple is innovating

During an interview conducted by CNBC, the well-known writer referred to Apple’s past, present and future, showing himself to be somewhat critical of the company’s present and somewhat harsh on the future that awaits Cupertino’s people.

Steve Jobs’ biographer believes Apple is not the most innovative company
Steve Jobs’ biographer believes Apple is not the most innovative company

Journalist, writer and biographer, Isaacson was the author of the only authorized biography by Steve Jobs . Published in October 2011 (a few months after Jobs’ death), his book was a bestseller.

Biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, a real bestseller.

Isaacson spent 2 years doing different interviews with Steve Jobs to get the necessary material for his book, capturing some very important moments in the last part of Jobs’ life.

During an interview , he was asked about Apple’s current situation and how he saw its future. Being quite critical of Apple, the biographer stated that:

With critical eyes as you can see, he referred to Apple’s situation in front of the competition. He stated that innovation is not exactly a priority part of Apple’s structure.

Walter Isaacson during an interview

Apple does not seem to be evolving with respect to the competition

Apple surprised the technological world back in 2007 by launching a promising virtual assistant, who would have the role of a personal secretary. At that time, the competition was looking the other way and Siri was a real revolution .

With a certain intelligence and natural language processing, it was possible to ask him for certain actions, and even have a small conversation.

Time has passed and Siri has really evolved. Thus, Siri became more and more “intelligent” , understanding more languages and regional variants of it and allowing more actions, being present in our wrists thanks to the Apple Watch and even in our Mac .

Apple’s release of the Siri API allowed many developers to make use of the wizard and get Siri to perform actions with their applications.

But, what about the competition? Of course she didn’t sit still. Microsoft with Cortana , brought a new competitor that in front of Siri seems even more intelligent and nice .

For their part, Google and Amazon did their work, presenting Google Home and Amazon Echo , managing to bring their virtual assistants to the home .

Virtual assistants at home, Siri’s future?

Walter Isaacson criticized the fact that Apple did not react, or has done so until now, to Google and Amazon. Both companies were allowed to launch their home assistants and become references in the market.

For its part, Apple doesn’t seem to be planning to stay out of the game. Or so say the rumors, which claim that Apple would be working on its own version of Siri at home . Using a dedicated device, could compete directly with Google and Amazon .

Although rumors come and go, apparently this new device will arrive during the WWDC that will open its doors on June 5 .

A home device with Siri would be an excellent option. Not only for users , who will be able to access information and perform tasks easily, but also for Apple could better offer its wide range of products (applications, music and video).