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Steve Jobs, a 21st century genius

Today we could say that Apple has made drastic changes in the direction that technology and therefore humanity has taken. Thanks to our beloved apple we have been able to open doors that we didn’t even know existed, but if we think about the person responsible for all this, the first one that comes to mind is its father and founder, Steve Paul Jobs.

Cupertino’s company has served as an inspiration for many of the leading companies in the electronics market worldwide. Who would have thought that three young men, Steve Jobs, Stephen Wozniak and Wayne, would develop the signature that currently has the highest annual turnover in the United States ? And, on top of that, inside a garage.

Steve Jobs, a 21st century geniusSteve Jobs, a 21st century genius

Many people wonder what the Apple symbolizes, this number of people is much higher than they know. As we can see in MuyHistoria just by typing in Google, the 3 founders designed the logo of a man sitting under the branches of a tree while holding an apple in his hands, referring to Isaac Newton.

The thing was clear, the icon and symbol of the brand was going to be an apple or something related to it. It’s amazing what’s happened to Apple since all this happened. Going back to the reason why even almost 6 years after his death, people put Steve Jobs as a genius and one of the main visionaries of the century we live in .

Jobs was a genius, there’s no doubt about it, his personality disorders were incredible. For those of us lucky enough to have read the book we know that Steve was one of the most extravagant bosses you could ever have . A clear example of this was when an employee told him about an idea, he rejected it and several days later he went to that worker’s workplace and told him that he had an incredible idea, coincidentally the same one he rejected.

It’s things like that that make Steve Jobs unique and unmatched. It’s been a little over 10 years since Apple’s father and founder introduced us to the company’s first terminal. We just have to search the internet a little bit to find the keynote in particular. He said that mobiles at that time were overloaded with buttons and that society at that time needed something simpler and easier to handle, those days were called revolution, today we call it iPhone.

Another of the many and countless reasons why Steve Jobs is so well known even today is because of his messages to humanity. In 1997, as we can read in Wikipedia, Apple released an ad that was not intended to promote any product, but to people . The well-known “Think Different” turned many people’s hearts upside down and inspired others. For those who don’t know what masterpiece we are talking about, we leave it down here.

This is the best known, but clearly not the only one. Many of us will have heard Steve’s phrase that said: “innovation is what differentiates leaders from followers” . Well, yes, we definitely missed a person who, if he had stayed with us, would have had even more positive effects on technology and its development.

For those of us who are users of Apple products in which the hands of Steve Jobs were present, we can attest that, even today, the mark of the father and co-founder of the apple is still present in many of the brand’s mobiles, computers or tablets . It is clear that his death had many effects, both positive for the company and negative for humanity, because we have undoubtedly lost a genius.

It is clear that the Californian firm is proud of its father , that is why Steve is still present within the block every day that passes, a clear example of this was the creation of the Steve Jobs Theater, where the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X were presented this Tuesday September 12th.