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Steam, the next app store will be yours

Steam lanza su aplicación oficial para iOS

Steam will launch its own app store . And didn’t it already? No, until now Steam was a platform for selling games. We’ve been able to find great titles like Portal 2 and offers that few have been able to refuse.

Steam, the next app store will be yours
Steam, the next app store will be yours

Back to the subject. One of the new features of the future Steam Shop will be the possibility of using the Greenlight platform with which the developers will be able to propose programs so that users can later evaluate whether or not they should go on sale. And don’t forget that it will be the first one compatible with OS X, Windows and Linux .

This is undoubtedly great news that increases business opportunities for developers. The sale of applications through an online store is the present and future model in the distribution of applications. If we add to this the possibility offered by the mobile application with which we can perform remote downloads, etc … we see that Steam will be successful.

In addition, we will be able to attend a possible price war as well as promotions where certain applications will be more profitable for us to buy in one or another store.

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