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State of construction of the Apple Store in Madrid

The Apple Store in Madrid is beginning to show itself. Work is progressing and the building’s façade is already covered by a huge white mantle so that no one can see what’s going on inside. We don’t know when its construction will be finished, but we hope that by this Christmas the works will be over for its opening and that it will be one of the biggest tourist attractions in Madrid this Christmas.

Although Apple has not confirmed anything at the moment, and will not do so until a few days before its official opening, we already know that the Apple Store located in Puerta del Sol in Madrid is in the process of construction, and will be one of the most emblematic physical stores of the Californian company in the world .

State of construction of the Apple Store in Madrid
State of construction of the Apple Store in Madrid

It will be the third significant Store on the peninsula, next to the one in Valencia and Barcelona, which means that the store is located in a renovated historical building and not inside a shopping centre. Well, after years of rumours about its construction and after Apple has managed to overcome all the bureaucratic procedures with the city council of Madrid, it seems that the works are progressing at a good pace .

From PacMac’s blog they show us photos at street level of how the works are located, and what we can see at the moment is a huge white canvas that covers the different facades of the building so that nobody can see what happens inside.

As we know, at the top of the building there was a huge poster of Tio Pepe wine, but Apple has eliminated it and we know that they will not take advantage of the roof of the building to put up billboards , since the most important thing is the huge apple that will appear at the entrance of the store, having this one the maximum prominence of our look. Ana Botella, the mayor of Madrid, even asked to move the Tio Pepe poster to another building in Madrid, but it has finally been discarded.

The important thing is that the worst is over and the works are there, so sooner or later we will have the Apple Store. What we do not know is the date of completion , but it would be a good tourist attraction for Madrid to have it finished just for this Christmas. In the gallery below you can see the real photos of the state of the works and imagine what we will see when they are finally finished.

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