Startselect becomes the first Apple digital content seller in Spain

The cloud has become the invention of the second decade of the 21st century, and any self-respecting company offers its users part of its services in the cloud, where everything is synchronised and allows them to use everything with greater versatility. But this is not limited to file hosting or preference synchronization . In fact, there are already many video game platforms in the cloud, such as Game Center, Steam, PlayStation Network, or Xbox LIVE.

Startselect is another one of those great platforms that distributes video games over the Internet, offering subscriptions and gift cards for different platforms, such as the App Store. It was born in 2009, but has just landed on Spanish soil with a catalogue of more than 5,300 titles for all desktop, console or mobile platforms.

Startselect becomes the first Apple digital content seller in Spain
Startselect becomes the first Apple digital content seller in Spain

In this case, offers iTunes gift cards different from those offered by Apple – ranging from 15 euros to 100 euros – but with a fully customisable balance for the user, applicable in a range of 15 to 500 euros. They are available on its official website, and thus become the first official Apple seller in our country.

We may spend this credit personally or give it away to others so they can purchase any kind of digital content from Apple stores: App Store, iBooks, Apple Music or iTunes. We may make our payment through well-known services such as PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfer or credit card . Once we have made the purchase, the code is sent to our email instantly.

As we buy through an official distributor, we have a guarantee that we buy an original product, and free of faults or possible frauds . It will be difficult not to find something we are looking for, as the catalogue is huge and available for all platforms.

In fact, the company promises us that they are working very hard to make the site complete as soon as possible and are closing all negotiations with game publishers and developers, so not all products are available. In short they will further increase their catalogue after adding the Google Play, PlayStation, EA and Steam gift cards.

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