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Starting today, the new MacBook Air and Mac mini are cheaper

We are probably in one of the most interesting and exciting weeks Apple has ever given us. A week before the event that will take place next Monday, March 25th , Cupertino’s people have updated several of their devices, and something makes us think that this is not over.

Today, the California-based company has launched the second generation of the AirPods , its wireless Bluetooth headset. This new revision brings the wireless charging case and the new H1 chip with the “Hey, Siri” function, as well as a longer range.

Starting today, the new MacBook Air and Mac mini are cheaper
Starting today, the new MacBook Air and Mac mini are cheaper

On Monday they launched new iPad models , reviving two ranges that were thought to be extinct with the Air 3 and the mini 5. The main new features are that they incorporate the A12 Bionic processor and support for the Apple Pencil.

And yesterday, Tuesday, they improved the processors and graphics of the iMac , as well as slight changes in other of their computers. These changes, although for the better, usually mean a price increase, except this time it is the opposite.

Apple offers the possibility of configuring its devices to the consumer’s taste. Where we find more customization options is in their computers with aspects such as the RAM, SSD, software, processor, etc. Depending on the needs of the user you may need to use this configurator and in doing so you will see the price rise considerably.

They take advantage of this because, once the equipment is purchased, it is very difficult or in some cases impossible to change the components on the user’s behalf . Luckily, from today it won’t be that expensive anymore and you can save up to 200 dollars by doing it.

The reduction is most noticeable in the higher capacity SSDs . According to Cult of Mac, for example, on the 2018 MacBook Air you can add a 1.5TB for $100 less than it was previously. For Mac mini, adding a 2TB MacBook Air will cost $200 less.

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