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Start of the new season for the CampusMac


The October 27th is the day chosen for the official opening of the new season of the CampusMac .

Start of the new season for the CampusMac
Start of the new season for the CampusMac

This year the organisation of the CampusMac has a new feature called CampusMac Session : days that will start with an initial theme but will be shaped not only by the drivers of the theme but also by the attendees, depending on the questions and concerns that arise. In these sessions there will also be a place for an informal lunch in which to gather strength to continue in the afternoon, dealing with the themes that have been left pending or to raise new ones.

However, there will also be the classic conferences on the main themes of the Mac world: photography, video, design, networks… The calendar initially planned for this year is:

  • October 27th CampusMac Session “Quicksilver”
  • November 25th CampusMac “Media Centers” Conference
  • January 26th CampusMac Session
  • February 17th CampusMac “Photography” Conference
  • April 20th CampusMac “Video” Conference
  • May 17 CampusMac Session
  • June 15th CampusMac “Design” Workshop

As star activities we have the nanoCampusMac ( which I attended also last season), from March 7th to 9th : 48 uninterrupted hours of network games, workshops, good people…

As far as prices are concerned, the sessions follow the same philosophy as last year, 5 euros for members and 15 euros for the rest.

To find out the dates of the big event, the CampusMac 2008 which is held in the summer, we will still have to wait a little while, while the locations of all the events are also being determined.

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