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Squeeze your keyboard in iOS

Why would you say you use your fingers more throughout the day? Probably to work, practice some manual hobby, but what about your iPhone? Stop to think about when you spend time typing on it. In this edition of the trick of the week I bring you a very simple tip, with which you will be able to optimize considerably your time while typing.

You’d be surprised how much time we spend typing on our terminals. Without going any further, I have made a very quick calculation, assuming that I write on my iPhone for 20 minutes a day , the result I get is as follows: no more and no less than 112 hours a year . Surprised? If your answer is positive, in this edition of the trick of the week I bring you some advice to optimize your writing time.

Squeeze your keyboard in iOS
Squeeze your keyboard in iOS

iOS 5 introduced many new features, among them we can find a very useful one for the topic we are dealing with. Quick Functions will allow us to write very long speeches without much effort. With the explanation below and some dedication to expanding the dictionary of functions, you’ll see your writing flow improve considerably.

The first step is very simple, we go to Settings> General> Keyboard . Once inside, click on the Create Quick Function option and you’ll find the following:

  • Locution: This will be the word we want written in the text. In the case of the image, It is a nuisance to always have to add the “.com” in these cases, isn’t it?
  • Quick Function: Here we must put the abbreviation that will be replaced by the complete locution. If you are a bit imaginative and practical, believe me you will be able to do wonders with this when writing.

As you can see, this is one of those options Apple gives us to make our lives a little easier. I recommend that you try it, spend some time thinking about which words you use the most in your day-to-day life. See you next week.

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