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spy photo of the back of iPhone 3G


In Gizmodo and other sites of maquera rumorology, an image is published that according to them could be the back of the new iPhone 3G . Completely black in glossy, we go as the helmet of Darth Vader .

spy photo of the back of iPhone 3G
spy photo of the back of iPhone 3G

The Colorware people have been working for a long time on touching up the color of the iPhone and many other Apple devices, however as they comment in gizmodo the modifications in this image are slightly different.

Another important factor is that the supposed new iPhone would be 8GB , although everything seems to indicate that Apple will launch models with more capacity, it could also be that in case of not being able to increase the disk of the iPod touch (model that has always been a little ahead as far as disk is concerned) it would decide first to launch iPhones with less capacity and then launch the joint update as it did in the past.

If you want my opinion, the truth is that I’d love this to materialize and have that fantastic look on the back of the iPhone, in fact one of the things that has never convinced me is the metallic colored back. However I think the picture is a fake , I don’t give it too much credibility, I don’t think the exterior design will vary much with the inclusion of the 3G (hopefully).


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