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Spotlights, the free app that mimics portrait mode in any photograph

The bokeh effect offered by some iPhones with the portrait mode is really interesting, if you want to apply it on any photograph, you can now do it with the app Focos .

This application offers many features worthy of a professional camera with large aperture. The possibilities offered by this app are quite extensive, where you will surely surprise your friends and social networkers with the results obtained.

Spotlights, the free app that mimics portrait mode in any photograph
Spotlights, the free app that mimics portrait mode in any photograph

The application is free , although it offers integrated shopping. The good news is that with the free options, you’ll have more than enough to edit your images, but if you want more options, you can make a one-time payment or join a subscription. Yes, it offers both.

A few hours ago, the app received an update with interesting new features , as well as adding new languages. The main features are:

  • Automatic depth effect
  • Large opening and bokeh effect
  • Possibility to import photos from the reel
  • Focus after taking the picture
  • View photos in 3D portraits
  • Application of depth filters

As a curiosity, all the images to show the capabilities of this application, have been made with a iPhone 7 Plus , where we already anticipate that the results are spectacular.

The operation of the Focus is really simple and intuitive , with very few steps, we will achieve great results very professional. Thanks to its two shooting modes , we can capture an image to start editing it immediately or take pictures continuously to edit them another time

As for the price to unlock all the features, we can make a one-time payment of 10.99 euros , a monthly payment of 1.09 euros or join a yearly subscription of 6.99 euros. In this case, it would be more convenient to make a one-off payment , but that’s up to you.

It is interesting to see how an app offers us several payment methods, integrating a single payment along with the subscriptions. Even so, we remind you that you can download it completely free , where the options available will surely be more than enough for many of you.

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What did you think of this app? Did you unlock all the options?

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