Spotify starts to roll out its timer for the iOS app to all users


A new feature is coming to Spotify users on iPhone and iPad. This is the sleep timer feature, which, as the name suggests, allows you to set a timer so that the music (or whatever you’re playing) stops after a certain time. Ideal for going to sleep listening to music. It seems to be the great new implementation after the integration with Siri.

Spotify starts to roll out its timer for the iOS app to all users
Spotify starts to roll out its timer for the iOS app to all users

As noted from Engadget, the sleep timer feature is finally being implemented in the Spotify iOS app. Users will get this new feature by updating the app to the latest version. Please note that is being rolled out gradually so if you don’t see it yet it will probably do so in a few hours or days.

It is possible to choose between different playback times . The minimum is five minutes, which will cause playback to stop automatically after this time. The maximum is one hour of playback. Once the set time has elapsed, the music or podcast stops playing, although not abruptly, but gradually by lowering the volume.

Now, what if you are an Apple Music user? By default the Apple Music app has no timer to stop playback after a while, but there are different options to get this timer. Here are a few:

  • Use a third-party player for Apple Music that has a timer.
  • Use the iOS timer: when we set it, instead of choosing an alarm to sound when time runs out we can choose to have playback stopped.
  • It uses a Siri shortcut: like this one, when running it, it asks us to indicate the minutes of reproduction we want and once the reproduction is finished, it turns off automatically.

At AppleSpotify he’s testing song lyrics in real time in the iOS app

We will see if Apple adds this functionality in the future . Or perhaps it would be even more interesting to be able to tell Siri something like “for music playback in 20 minutes”. Something that is not possible at the moment.


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