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Spotify is working on an iPad app


One of the most popular requests from Spotify users is for a native iPad application, as the music subscription service currently only offers an optimised interface for the iPhone and iPod touch. Some had hoped to see this at the recent event that the company hosted (where the integrated third-party apps were presented), but it didn’t happen. Anyway, the good news comes from Electronista: Spotify considers the iPad application “a priority” and it’s in the company’s plans.

Spotify is working on an iPad app
Spotify is working on an iPad app

What we still don’t know is when we will be able to have that application on our tablets. It shouldn’t take long, as the iPad market is growing by leaps and bounds and all the competition has already offered some kind of solution that is compatible with both Apple’s tablet and competing devices.

By the way, one of Spotify’s directors has commented that they will follow Apple’s pattern with their new third-party applications integrated: these will go through an approval process so that there are not too many “redundant or cloned” applications on the platform as they suggest on Google’s Android platform.


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