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Spotify is officially coming to the Apple Watch

Third-party applications are gradually returning to the Apple Watch. Last week Telegram returned to our smart clock with its new swift based version and now it’s Spotify that looks like it will be on our clocks soon in direct competition with Apple Music as shown in a post by Reddit.

Several anonymous Reddit users have shared several Spotify images on Apple Watch in one post. Clearly this is a beta version of the public beta program via TestFlight, so we don’t yet know when this support will be publicly released.

Spotify is officially coming to the Apple Watch
Spotify is officially coming to the Apple Watch

In the images we can see that we will have all our lists available on our watch, although with a limitation: we will not be able to download them to play them when we don’t have any internet connection, so we will have to have a LTE connection if we want to leave our iPhone at home and go out running with our AirPods and listening to music through Spotify.

Users who are testing this beta are also reporting optimization problems in the 40 and 44 mm Apple Watch, although these will surely be problems that will be solved week after week so that the day of its presentation to all users is perfectly optimized.

For us this is very good news, since developers are betting on developing again for the Apple Watch surely because of the significant improvements at hardware and software level that make developers see more attractive this platform where once the apps did not work so well with different unexpected closures and many performance problems.

In the coming weeks we will surely see an update where this new functionality will be incorporated, which many users will celebrate since not all of us use Apple Music in our daily lives.

Leave us your thoughts on this future Spotify update in the comment box.

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