Spotify accuses Apple of blocking its update

During the last few days a duel has broken out between two of the leading companies in the global music service, Apple and Spotify . The latter accuses Apple of blocking the latest update of its app on the iOS operating system. According to the Swedish company’s management, Cupertino’s people are trying to stop direct competition in order to benefit the native iOS application, Apple Music. How has the Californian firm acted on this accusation?

Open duel between Spotify and Apple

It should be noted that currently Spotify is one of the most important music services. The Swedish company’s most direct competitor is undoubtedly Apple. Both firms are in the highest positions in terms of number of users and importance in the sector.

Spotify accuses Apple of blocking its update
Spotify accuses Apple of blocking its update

Spotify’s complaint to Cupertino’s is due to the blocking of their last update on the App Store. According to Apple, the Swedish company is trying to prevent payments from being made through Apple’s native platform. In this way, they are trying to circumvent one of the mandatory rules that the company establishes with all the applications found in the app store.

Specifically, the problem is an email subscription linked to the Spotify app, which directly prevents subscription through the App Store.

Apple answers Spotify’s accusations

The Californian firm answered Spotify by stating that there is no different treatment with competitors, since the treatment and rules are identical for all applications of the store.

Although Spotify disagrees with the Californian firm’s stance and the label of incompetence and unfairness, Spotify’s association with the apple platform has provided over 160 million downloads and hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue to the Swedish company , as Apple has reminded it.

Finally, Cupertino’s have made it clear that they will not back down until they modify the subscription method and comply with the rules established by the American company. Honestly, Spotify will have to back off and comply with the App Store laws, because if Apple made an exception, the other developers would disagree. How will this battle end?

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